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Low-Power IoT Access System

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-26 00:00:00
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I. Introduction to Low-Power IoT Access System

Our Low-Power IoT Access System consists of collectors, data gateway, a master station system and an APP. It realizes remote automatic collection of monitor data in various applications, and provides analysis of the collected data. The system administrator can work remotely on the master station system with tasks such asreal-time monitoring, alarming, setting and remote processing. Users can enjoy services such as query and reminder through smart terminals. As a whole the system provides data collection, centralized monitoring and smart network management in various applications.

The low-power IoT access system uses a private LoRa protocol and a powerful networking approach to adapt to, while supporting single data point monitoring, a variety of low-power access applications, including the intelligent transformation of current application solutions. At the same time the system remains easy to deploy and install and simple to maintain. A possible deployment plan is given as follows:

1.The MBUS/RS485 collector can collect the data of various sensors or meters with MBUS or RS485 interfaces, and feeds the data into the master station system through the data gateway (optical fiber/Ethernet/4G). A single collector can drive up to 32 meters with RS485 interface and 64 meters with MBUS interface, as shown in the application architecture in Figures A and B below.

2.Smart devices and sensors with MBUS or RS485 interface can be connected to the data gateway directly without collector, and thus be connected to the master station system (optical fiber/Ethernet/4G), as shown in the architecture in Figure C below.

3.Sensors and devices with NB-IoT interface can be connected to the master station system through a simulated gateway, as shown in Figure D.

4.After the system is connected, user can configure the system parameters on a mobile phone APP through a WiFi to RF tool on site, as shown in Figure E.

II. Main Applications

The low-power IoT access system that consists of data collector + data gateway + master station system obtains the monitor data from the sensors and devices with RS485 and MBUS interfaces, supports various applications that require low-frequency monitor and remote control and provide various smart networking services such as terminal management, equipment status management, query, remote control, smart alarm, data analysis and applications.

The low-power IoT access system can be widely used in the following applications, including:

1. Smart security: monitor and manage sites with specific security needs such as community parks, industrial and mining enterprises, hazardous chemical management site, tunnels and mines;

2. Smart agriculture: monitor and manage the environment parameters and growth data of crops and livestock such as in greenhouses, crop fields, farms and ponds;

3. Environment monitoring: monitor and manage various environmental parameters, including atmosphere, soil and other ecological components of natural environment as well as industrial and resident environment;

4. Smart transportation: monitor and manage traffic applications such as street lamp control, smart parking, and vehicle scheduling.

5. Smart water conservancy: monitor and manage related parameters of water applications such as hydrological projects, water resources management, water pollution control, water plants, etc.;

6. Forest fire prevention: monitor and manage fire and fire-related parameters in forests, and similar environment.

III. Features of Our Solution

1. Technical characteristics: private LoRa networking protocol, supports level 1 relay, and offers a wider coverage.

2. Stable operation: automatic network optimization and good after-sales support

3. Support complex environment: -40 degree to +70 degree Celsius; relative humidity from 10% to 100%, no condensation

4. High coverage: bandwidth 62.5KHz, spreading factor 9 and receiving sensitivity -132.5dBm.

5. Highly integrated: the collector supports MBUS, RS485 and other major meter interfaces. The master station system can support up to 5,000 data gateways, 1 million collectors, and 10 million sensors and/or meters.

6. Scalability: It can be flexibly customized and expanded according to customer needs, providing value-added services.


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