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Smart Supermarket Wireless Camera System

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-26 00:00:00
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I. Introduction to Smart Supermarket Wireless Camera System

The smart supermarket wireless camera system consists of low-power wireless cameras, data gateway, and a backstage data exchange center software. The low-power wireless cameras can take pictures regularly, wake up and take pictures in real time, take single shot/multiple continuous shots, and take pictures per specific parameters such as resolution and exposure settings. The wireless camera stays in sleep mode when there is no task, and can be woke up at any time.

Star network is used to connect the data gateway and low-power wireless cameras. A single data gateway supports up to 128 low-power wireless cameras. Different data gateway networks may use different frequencies from 470 MHz to 510 MHz. In a single application a maximum of 34 sub-networks can be deployed, and the data gateway supports optical fiber, Ethernet, WIFI, 4G wireless, etc., to connect with the server.

The data exchange center’s main functions include as wireless network management, data storage and exchange, and early alarm, etc.

II. Main Applications

The smart supermarket wireless camera system is suitable for intelligent management applications such as smart supermarkets, smart retail, and unmanned supermarkets.

Wireless cameras are installed on supermarket shelves to take pictures of the shelves regularly, upload the pictures to the backstage server so that the image recognition AI on the server can identify the placement of goods on the shelves and their changes. The change analysis can be used to manage shelf display and give alert to replenish shelves in order to reduce the manual work of supermarket employees, reduce labor costs, and improve inventory turnover by timely inventory replenishment.

III. Solution Features

1. Networking characteristics: The dedicated networking frequency avoids external interference, and the signal penetration at 470-510MHz is good and especially suitable for deployment in complex environments such as supermarkets. The system uses star networks wtih wireless cameras offering features including ad-hoc networking capabilities, automatic network load balancing, automatic network optimization, automatic power control and adaptive transmission rate control. The system can replace manual inspection and picture taking.

2. High resolution: support up to 5 million pixels and picture size up to 3M.

3. Large coverage: The distance between the camera and the data gateway is up to 70 meters (700Kbps) to achieve seamless coverage of the site.

4. Low power consumption: The camera is battery-powered with an average battery life of 8 months if 3 pictures are taken per day.

5. Stable transmission: Industrial-grade quality, automatic power/rate control, automatic lost data packet resend, guaranteed communication stability.

6. Installation and deployment: The terminal cameras are battery powered, which is convenient and flexible for installation and deployment.

7. Scalability: can be customized and expanded per customer needs, value-added services available


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