Fire safety and life first


In order to improve the awareness of fire safety of all employees, enhance the response ability and self-protection ability of employees in emergency situations, so that each employee can master certain fire knowledge, eliminate fire hazards, learn relevant fire knowledge and the use of fire equipment, and master fire escape skills and precautions, so as to create a safe production environment in the company. Ensure the safety of the company's property and employees, check the scientific rationality and operability of the company's "Fire Accident Emergency rescue Plan", the timeliness of each rescue group in emergency situations, and how to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in the rescue process. Taking the "Fire Month" in November as an opportunity and focusing on the theme of "all staff pay attention to fire protection and life safety first", the company conducted an employee escape and fire fighting drill in the Kanto Factory and Deweis Factory on November 20, 2020, from 8:50 to 9:25 am and from 15:00 to 15:33 PM respectively.

Before the exercise, the Human Resources Department organized the training of fire prevention plan, issued the 2020 Annual Fire Prevention Plan and Fire Prevention Exercise Process, and organized relevant personnel to discuss and deploy to ensure the smooth progress of the exercise. In addition, the Human Resources Department also uses the form of posters to promote the importance of fire safety.


The fire drill was supported by New City Property, Fan Valley electronic security Department and fire security personnel. Under the general command of the Environmental Safety Department manager, the evacuation drill is divided into fire evacuation group, rescue group, warning group, liaison group and fire fighting group. Office areas, production areas by the regional person in charge of command, the company's security team and various departments of fire safety to form an emergency evacuation team and search and rescue team. Except for a few employees who could not participate due to business trips and vacations, other employees of the company actively participated in the exercise.

Through this fire drill, the safety awareness of all employees of the company has been improved, and the common sense of fire safety has been further understood. The ability to respond to emergencies has been improved. Most of the employees at the drill site can effectively organize and quickly respond to the fire alarm, and most of the leaders of the rescue team can effectively organize the evacuation, warning and firefighting of the team members, which will improve the response to emergencies in the future.

Fire safety is important in prevention, we must always tighten the safety of this string, frequent drills, prevention, for the company's safety production to provide a strong guarantee.

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