Focus on 5G commercial opportunities and build 5G AAU product platform


The communications industry is moving towards 5G and the Internet of Everything. 5G networks have been widely deployed since 2019 and will be commercially available as soon as 2020. 5G network puts forward higher requirements on access density, network delay, network reliability and other aspects. Faced with the new challenges of network coverage brought about by the differences between 5G and 3G/4G networks, Wuhan Zhengwei recently launched the 5G AAU product platform.

The AAU platform can support up to 200MHz signal bandwidth, adopt self-developed ultra-wideband DPD algorithm, combined with massive MIMO, IQ compression algorithm, Beamforming and other 5G key technologies, and can support 4G/5G dual-mode applications. According to the application and business characteristics of different scenarios, Zhengwei Company can quickly launch a series of RRH and AAU products covering Sub-6G 2TR to 64TR based on the platform through the differentiation of transceiver channels, transmit power and support bandwidth, etc., to provide customers with a rich product series. Fully meet the needs of diversified coverage scenarios, large capacity and high cost performance of 5G commercial deployment.

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