Production base relocation and expansion to improve capacity and production efficiency


In order to meet the needs of business development and increase production capacity, Zhengwei's production base has been moved to the standard plant No. 1, Liufangyuan North Road, Jiangxia District since December 27, 2018, with an expansion area of 4,800 square meters and new production equipment and related instruments. Compared with the previous production line, when designing the new production layout, not only optimize the production process and improve the production efficiency; At the same time, the warehouse material distribution that has been distributed in two places in the past will be concentrated in the same place to improve the material distribution and logistics delivery speed.

After the acceptance of the new factory decoration, the company also focused on formaldehyde elimination, environmental layout and greening and other related measures, and passed the government department fire production construction standard acceptance and environmental safety production standard acceptance. To provide supply chain employees with a more secure working environment, and further better service for our customers.

Zhengwei company will this relocation as a new starting point, to further provide better products and services, but also thank our customers and partners for their long-term strong support and affirmation, we are willing to develop together, common progress.

New location of production base:

New production plant:


Storage area:

SMT workshop

Configuration: SMT production line (printing +SPI+ SMT +AOI+ Reflow +AOI+ X-Ray)

Total area of assembly shop

The introduction of automatic assembly line can realize automatic thermal grease coating, automatic tin welding, automatic screw installation, automatic software burning, automatic testing and other processes.

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