Congratulations to Zhengwei for being recognized as "Wuhan Enterprise Research and Development Center"


Municipal enterprise Technology Research and Development Center, under the leadership of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, is an enterprise research and development platform applied for establishment by industry-leading enterprises with strong scientific research ability. As an important part of Wuhan's innovation system, the center is committed to guiding enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, introducing and cultivating innovative talents, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enhancing enterprises' independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and accelerating the construction of a regional innovation system with enterprises as the main body.

Recognized by the "Wuhan Enterprise Research and Development Center", this is another milestone to enhance the company's innovation ability after Zhengwei obtained the high-tech enterprise certification in 2008 and implemented the IPD/CMMI R&D management system in 2014.

The company is positioned as: the world's first-class RF solution provider; Mainstream industry application iot solution provider. By the end of 2017, the company had declared and authorized 3 utility model patents and software Copyrights related to radio frequency technology, and 7 invention patents, and the core technology achievements of independent research and development were effectively transformed into delivery products and solutions.

Taking this recognized Dongfeng, our company will continue to deepen R&D efficiency management and technology management, build a technological innovation-driven product innovation, market innovation R & D management system, further promote technology pre-research, platform construction and extensive technical cooperation, cultivate technical innovation talents, and provide strong support for the company to build core technology, product line expansion and upgrading and establish the company's brand.

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