Fight against the epidemic and help customers resume work and production


At the beginning of 2020, a sudden novel coronavirus epidemic swept the country, and medical resources in Wuhan, the most severely affected river city, were under tremendous pressure. In order to help Wuhan break the situation and treat more patients as soon as possible, major hospitals in Wuhan were urgently commandeered, and Huoshenshan, Leishenshan, and major makeshift hospitals were quickly built and put into use.

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. A customer of our company took the initiative to assume social responsibility, responded positively, and quickly invested in providing and installing indoor communication equipment for the counterpart hospital to ensure the normal and stable communication network, so as to ensure the timely transmission of information from all parties and escort the hospital for the treatment of patients. As an important partner of the customer, our company still tries its best to deploy various resources to help the customer complete the task on time and with high quality when most of the employees are isolated and have difficulties themselves.

In the early stage of the most serious outbreak of the epidemic, the director of the research and development Center was on duty in the company for many consecutive days, making overall arrangements for work, and making great efforts to ensure the safety and epidemic prevention and living needs of the staff on duty under the condition of scarce supplies; And lead the R & D personnel, cooperate with the customer company to complete the product demand follow-up, ensure the delivery of urgent tasks and a series of work.

In order to cooperate with the R & D center to complete the testing and delivery work, some employees of the product operation center are stationed in the company for more than 10 days, and finally ensure the timely delivery of samples.

In order to help customers complete the delivery, the director of the supply chain center led the production line staff to overcome multiple difficulties, and stayed at the company for 5 days to catch up with the task and complete the delivery on time. And in the case of traffic suspension, overcome difficulties to provide daily supplies to the staff on duty.

The staff of the administrative logistics Department of the human Resources Center, not afraid of the risk of fatigue and infection, took the initiative to stick to their posts for 53 days from the Spring Festival until the resumption of work to ensure the safety of the company's property. The Human Resources Department actively procured epidemic materials and took various protective measures to ensure the health and normal life needs of employees. In addition, a number of employees of the company insisted on taking turns on duty, and some employees donated N95 masks to the company when the supply of masks was in short supply. This spirit of dedication to the public is worth learning for every employee. The company not only gives the relevant colleagues the corresponding financial subsidies, but also the generous additional rewards of the chairman.

Do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow. It is under the selfless dedication of a large number of dedicated employees that Zhengwei this big family can overcome one difficulty after another and achieve one achievement after another. Do not forget the original heart, square always, positive dimension of tomorrow will be better!

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