Zhengwei information construction, promote enterprise management innovation


With the continuous expansion and deepening of the company's business field and more diversified enterprise layout, higher requirements are put forward for the refinement and efficiency of enterprise management. Zhengwei needs a set of forward-looking information system and deployment plan to effectively support the continuous climb of enterprises on the road of management.

Since 2018, Zhengwei has increased its investment in enterprise information construction, which is another major measure in upgrading the management system after Zhengwei launched the world's top enterprise management software SAP in 2012.

Based on the rich application scenarios and strong scalability of SAP, the original various auxiliary systems and management software are integrated and upgraded to create a new SAP application management platform, which mainly promotes enterprise management innovation from the following points.

  1. Improve business processes and optimize organizational structure
    The new human resource management platform reintegrates the original scattered static data and combines all kinds of data generated in daily work to provide powerful data support for human capital to improve service satisfaction and optimize performance appraisal. At the same time, let employees clear the job position and job responsibilities, enhance the sense of responsibility of employees,

    The efficient OA platform can realize the customization of workflow, meet different business scenarios within enterprises, improve the efficiency of internal processes, and solidify various business processes. Timely information communication ensures the company's reaction speed to surrounding information and the market, making decisions more accurate.

    Reduce operating costs and expand competitiveness
    Based on SAP's rich industry solutions and standard business processes, combined with various customized automation functions within the company, it can improve the operation efficiency of various business bottlenecks and save labor costs. Accurate MRP results provide effective data support for the supply chain, helping companies reduce inventory risk, reduce procurement costs, improve production efficiency, and improve customer service levels.

    Improve the level of enterprise management
    The information communication platform should be unified, information islands should be eliminated, and business units should cooperate closely to find and solve problems in a timely and targeted manner, so as to enhance the information processing ability and program evaluation ability of decision makers.

    Zhengwei electronic information system architecture planning:

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