Our company builds R & D project management process business software to improve the efficiency of R & D management


Since the introduction of IPD management process in 2010, we have been continuously improving the management level and management efficiency of R&D. In order to further connect with information management, our company independently developed the software of PMIS project management business process in early 2019, and launched it on April 8. This software is customized according to our business process and product design, provides convenient management channels and information channels for project management, helps shorten project development cycle, and improves project delivery, quality, cost and other indicators.

PMIS can achieve comprehensive project management, visualize the progress of each project, decompose and track items for each task, gradually promote the completion of tasks, view all tasks and statistics of the project, monitor the project progress, control the change process, and improve the project delivery cycle and the efficiency of project and task collaboration between teams.

Through the introduction of PMIS system, we can effectively standardize the management of R&D projects and strictly control the actual implementation of the budget, timely grasp the implementation of the costs of various projects, timely and effectively provide decision-level analysis data, and ensure the normal and effective progress of the project, so as to complete the development of the project more efficiently and with high quality.

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