Zhengwei Electronics participated in the 2019 Barcelona Communication Show


From February 25 to 28, 2019, MWC 2019 Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) was held in the Barcelona International Convention and Exhibition Center, Spain. Since 2014, Wuhan Zhengwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has participated in MWC Barcelona for 6 consecutive years, and the Zhengwei electronic booth located in Hall 5 has also attracted the attention of many merchants.

The product promotion video on the large screen of Zhengwei Electronics exhibition platform is rolling, attracting customers to stop. Twice a day product promotion and on-site technical communication links, but also attracted the industry's business and technical personnel to come to exchange.

The staff of Zhengwei Electronics enthusiastically explained the performance and advantages of Zhengwei electronic products to customers. As a leading supplier in the RF field, Zhengwei Electronics not only brought superior RF product solutions, but also applied examples in major operator networks and proprietary networks around the world, so that customers can see and buy peace of mind.

In addition to the radio frequency product solution in the communication network, Zhengwei Electronics has brought a new Internet of Things solution, through the combination of hardware modules and background software, forming a complete application scenario solution, providing more convenient, more accurate and lower cost mode of operation for public utilities such as water, electricity and heat charging, supermarket monitoring, etc., which has aroused great interest of merchants.

After a four-day exhibition, Zhengwei Electronics passed its own products and solutions to many customers in the world, and also gained many customers' purchase intentions and feedback.

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