No conflict minerals policy


Wuhan Zhengwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the global social responsibility as our goal, the implementation of ethical procurement, to promote the sustainable development of the industrial chain.

"Conflict minerals" : The mining of rare metals such as cassiterite, black tungsten, coltan, iron ore and gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries and regions has caused serious human rights and environmental problems. Most of the mining activities in these areas are associated (funded) with armed groups in conflict, resulting in long-term instability in the region, so they are referred to as "conflict minerals". The sale of these minerals may have provided financial support for the ongoing armed conflicts in these countries. Wuhan Zhengwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the issue of conflict minerals and has taken action to address this issue. The issue of conflict minerals, which has received a lot of attention in electronics and other industries, is extremely complex and requires the commitment and cooperation of businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations to solve.

We support industry cooperation to address supply chain social responsibility issues, and we will continue to respond to the commitment of the joint working group of EICC and GeSI (Global E-Sustainability Initiative) to improve conditions in the electronics supply chain and not accept mining activities that can fuel conflict. The Dodd-Frank Act requires disclosure and reporting of tin, tantalum (coltan), gold and tungsten used in products and their sources, and works with customers and suppliers to find sustainable solutions to conflict minerals.

Wuhan Zhengwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. does not support or use metals from armed conflict and illegal mining, the so-called "conflict minerals". Wuhan Zhengwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. investigates whether the supplier's products contain: gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten and other metals in its material selection and certification, and requires the supplier to further confirm the source of these metals, and requires its suppliers to extend this requirement to lower-level suppliers.

As a supplier of products and substances provided by Wuhan Zhengwei Electronic Technology Co., LTD., please strictly abide by this agreement and fill out the CFSI_CMRT Questionnaire.

Please in before each supplier declare CFSI website: ( for the latest real-time training, guidance, no conflict minerals report templates and standard smelter list.

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