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Core technology - the radio frequency technology expert with global giants

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Core technology and TI cooperation is love at first sight, and quickly enter the state. Within three years, the cooperation between us no matter from the depth, the breadth are developing very well. To get this situation of cooperation, in addition to TI 's leading products and technology, and Ti Saels and FAE in business and technology perseverance and persistence, and we together. We hope that more products and technologies for TI in the future of the products."
- Wei Bin, vice president of core technology operations
Prior to the interview core technology week, the headquarters is located in Chengdu, the company has just held a core industrial park groundbreaking ceremony, the construction of the core industrial park will include a 23 storey building and a 7 storey building, construction area of 70000 square meters. In the high-rise buildings in the Chengdu high tech Zone, perhaps not worth mentioning, but if this is a company that was founded just seven years of enterprise, whether it will let people say tut praise or curious?
Despite the fact that the product service is focused on industry customers, the core technology is not known to most of the electronic industry, but a little understanding of the company's people will have more than 130 patents, including HUAWEI, ZTE, CISCO, Ericsson and other international communications industry, General Electric (GE) medical solutions strategic partner; smart grid solutions with IBM successfully launched a number of national major projects; RF amplifier module, integrated smart power amplifier (iSPA) module, efficient digital repeater products have been in the industry's leading position......
(attached: the foundation of the core through science and Technology Industrial Park).
More than 130 patents writing RF technology strength
"3G as the representative of the wireless communications will become the next outbreak, and RF is the weakest link, so it is also the most development prospects." Core technology President Li Rui six years ago on the core technology to adhere to the radio frequency technology as the core of the industry positioning to make such an interpretation, from today's core through the development of scientific and technological achievements in the future, the unique industry positioning of the development of the core technology is the basis of success.
Then as a newly established high-tech enterprises, core through technology's success brings together a group in the TD-SCDMA standard and RF technology outstanding experts, in less than a year's time is the successful launch of the first generation TD radio frequency zooming system, and soon developed for GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, CDMA2000 and later LTE all kinds of RF power amplifier module products and repeater station sub system products. At present, the core technology TD-SCDMA amplifier module business has been ranked first in the world, and in the GSM, WCDMA and other related areas to get the industry's leading market share.
"Both in circuit design or manufacturing, RF technology has a very high challenge, need to have a wealth of digital pre distortion, digital cutting, software radio, advanced model building and other key technologies, and these are the core technology is good in the field." Speaking of core through the advantage of science and technology in the field of radio frequency technology, the core through science and Technology Vice President of operations Weibin familiar, "the company from its inception insisted system development, get the continuous accumulating experience and technology. At present, we have applied more than 130 patents." According to Wei Bin revealed that the core technology has now been obtained, including the base station equipment to achieve radio frequency remote transmission method and the if interface, the smart antenna array calibration method and the calibration function of the RF transceiver, including a number of highly component inventions patents, as well as dozens of practical new technology patents.
"These leading RF technology to help us achieve the product's competitive advantage. In the core through the technology of the second generation, digital enclave system as an example, the system followed the design concept of green and low carbon, using the multi carrier peak clipping and digital predistortion linear optimization technology and improve the efficiency of the Doherty amplifier technology, the efficiency of the whole machine reaches 18% of the industry's leading, machine power consumption is only 1 / 3 of the enclave. Has been successfully used in Chongqing, Gansu, Sichuan, Liaoning and other places, and achieved high quality network coverage effect." Obviously, Wei Bin on the core technology core product features have been silent on the chest.
Focus on radio frequency, dance with the international giants
Leading RF core technology is not only the core technology to continuously develop the industry's leading RF products, to maintain a sustained competitive advantage in the market, but also to provide a strong guarantee for the development of core technology based on RF technology products diversification. Core technology has been gradually formed to cover mobile communications, networking, medical electronics six major areas of RF products: communications radio frequency amplifier module, integrated intelligent power amplifier (iSPA) module, high efficiency digital repeater products, FEMTO home base station, RRU products and medical electronics.
Speaking of core through the development of science and technology in Telecom, Weibin said a bunch of resounding jorum level partners, "in fact we did not spend too much energy to deliberately seeking the cooperation core through the RF and technical strength of the science and technology plays the best role of the salesman, a lot of syndrome is customers take the initiative to find a home."
"Of course, in these areas, the core technology is still the core technology to adhere to the core." Weibin, bluntly pointed out that the core through the key position the diversification strategy, "like medical electronic equipment in nuclear magnetic resonance equipment of high power power amplifier, the gradient amplifier, filter, high power amplifier, pre placed the key components and core technology can be based on their own

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