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LTE entered the era of the whole electric modulation antenna

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2013, China LTE licenses issued so that the official launch of the 4G network construction and market competition, in order to pave the way for the upcoming era of big data.
LTE era, wireless networks will present several features: 2G, 3G and 4G networks running at the same time, increase the thickness of the network; outdoor macro station, indoor station, micro station forming a three-dimensional network coverage, increase the density of the network; network synergies and network optimization has become the key to building a high-performance LTE network. Therefore, operators need to be easy to operate, high efficiency, low cost, high flexibility of the antenna to meet the growing demand for network optimization.
The traditional mechanical downtilt antenna can not meet the requirements of LTE network
By the traditional mechanical downtilt antenna on the site adjustment mechanical downtilt antenna arm to control the antenna down tilt, this scheme has three defects:
1 can not meet all the frequency of the dip angle "optimal"
Operators also run the network, the new site is increasingly difficult to obtain, operators can only choose a multi frequency antenna to meet the deployment requirements. ABI report shows that from a global trend, the proportion of multi frequency antenna applications will gradually increase from the current 68% to 30% in 2018.
Mechanical downdip of the multi frequency antenna all systems share a mechanical tilt, when the network optimization in which a system of tilt adjustment and other systems of inclination angle can be adjusted, network coverage and performance will affected, so that all network multi frequency antenna can not simultaneously achieve optimal performance.
2 Mechanical downtilt antenna pattern distortions lead
With the explosive growth of mobile broadband services, inter cell interference and user experience has become a key, the traditional fixed electrical tilt to adjust angle of different, only the use of mechanical downtilt, mechanical downtilt easily lead to distortion, resulting in increased intercell interference and the rate of fall edge user, affect the user experience.
3 optimization efficiency is low, the cost is high
LTE era of multi network collaboration in the enhanced network coverage, but also make the network thickness and density increase. And LTE network uses the same frequency network mode, because of the great influence on the performance of the network, the network optimization is needed. In order to optimize the network, the traditional mechanical downtilt antenna needed by station access and tuning, efficiency is low, unable to meet the LTE network for a long time to optimize the performance of the network.
At the same time, reduce the cost is the operator's eternal pursuit. Mechanical downtilt antenna network optimization need stood optimization, bringing the site access, site visit, tower adjustment cost, far higher than the electrically adjustable antenna procurement costs.
And, in the extreme weather and bad weather, people are very difficult to optimize the site to optimize the network. For example: Kuwait summer for up to 6 months, the sun the temperature as high as 80 Celsius degrees, artificial traditional mechanical downtilt antenna downtilt adjustment will face great difficulties.
In summary, the mechanical downtilt antenna due to inherent defects will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, and remote electrically adjustable antenna with its high efficiency, low cost, easy to optimize the advantage is becoming mainstream operators worldwide.
Remote electric modulation antenna to help create a boutique LTE network
It is well known that the remote antenna can be controlled by remote control unit (RCU), so as to adjust the angle of the antenna.
Remote electric regulating antenna relative mechanical downtilt antenna has many advantages: no need to visit the site, not limited by the climate and environment, remote real-time angle adjustment, high efficiency, low cost, high flexibility of optimization, the band can be optimized independently, can achieve the optimal network performance; electric angle adjustment of antenna mechanical arm does not move, pattern distortion.
The remote electrically tunable antenna is divided into the traditional remote electrically tunable antenna and the plug and play remote antenna. Traditional remote electrically tunable antenna is not easy to be installed in the practical application of the related power transfer device, such as RCU and cascaded cable, and the connecting points between the device and the device are not reliable.
In order to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional remote electric modulation antenna, that is to plug and play a remote antenna for innovation, the external power transfer devices such as motors, AISG cascade cable, etc., to reduce the external power transfer device connection and increase reliability, while simplifying the installation of the project. At present, this scheme has become the main development trend of the antenna, and has been applied to the global mainstream operators. In the high cost of human resources in Europe, the climate is hot and hot in the Middle East, close to the arctic arctic Canada, plug and play with high reliability, easy to install, free configuration, continued to bring value to customers.
LTE network to the whole electric adjustment Era
Antenna in the wireless network construction costs accounted for more than small, but it is a key channel wireless network directly affect the user experience and the quality of the wireless network has a decisive significance.
As a future based self optimizing network Self-optimization-network, remote electrical tilt antenna except with the characteristics of efficient, real-time, remote optimization, also can by electrically adjustable antenna set up connection RRU and network signal channel, and mature electric adjustment scheme co debate and transfer more valuable information, such as smart antenna weight information is stored, antenna map information, manufacturer information, antenna operating status information, for the subsequent feeder system of intelligent information management lay the foundation.

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