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LTE era, the three operators how to do?

Number of visits: Date:2015-09-19
Not long ago, sponsored by the TCC ecosystem t Shenzhouxing forum in Shanghai held together the three operators, virtual operators, the Autobots, Internet and media table debate set.
Three operators: secretly war, are not willing to pipe"
China Mobile: "cloud pipe end" + "platform", attempting to use the LTE in the field of vehicle networking to catch up from behind
Sun Nan, general manager of the product center from China Mobile products center, said the first position, the end of China Mobile will launch VoLTE, a message and video calls to integrate, to bring a similar QQ, micro channel experience, but also the voice experience. Converged communications will also be applied to the field of car networking.
4G to bring a new experience to the user. In connection with the car, as well as the combination of car networking, China Mobile will strengthen the online navigation, especially real-time traffic sharing. The use of many years in the field of wireless music reserves, to achieve online music on the train, like to listen to what the singer's new song, perhaps not yet able to download, but because of the support of the LTE network, you can listen to online. At the same time because of LTE, can achieve video transmission, video conference will be landing on the car, the car can come to the era of office. For car networking security, location, maintenance, etc. 2G is clearly enough, but the internal traffic safety and other vehicles on the bus to increase the complexity of the vehicle, the data support the proposed higher requirements, are required LTE.
LTE brings three changes:
1) always online. Realize the car, the phone will always keep the network connection, as long as there is a network of links, you can interact with the car, a lot of ideas can be achieved. China Mobile's network, terminals, chips, and the cloud platform, all of the 4G era of car networking ready to do a good job.
2) cloud tube end. "End" is mainly refers to the layout of China Mobile OBD 4G and car (car navigation or car terminal), service in the end user, so that the end user experience to the large-scale production of low-cost, high cost. For China Mobile, it can continue to verify the ability of the 4G module, to verify some of the 4G to turn into a user to use the ultimate whether it is a car WIFI or other applications. "Pipeline", is also a part of the terminal, the vehicle regulatory level of communication module, operators once involved in the communication module and module will greatly reduce its cost. Low cost module to the industry chain of all partners to help the industry chain partners to reduce the cost of the module and investment. Whether it is to say that the field of communication or the field of the car, pull the low door, encourage more partners to form a very good quality of the application, to attract the end of the majority of users. "The cloud", China Mobile a huge cloud of resources and has been carried out to explore the application of: a strategic stake in iFLYTEK, base map, reading media information and video base, through China Mobile cloud resources bearing, will share to partners, and ultimately direct vehicle terminal, directly to the user.
3) platform. Based on China Mobile's network and open cloud resources, energy, automotive aftermarket or sales of motor vehicles, traffic and weather, a variety of dining industry resources settled to circle of platform of China Mobile to build the 4G network. Ultimately to provide appropriate services to the end user, through China Mobile channels, through the ability of the network to allow users to have a deep sense of China Mobile. The ultimate realization of the future use of mobile phones, the car on the car can achieve seamless service convergence.
China Telecom: Six innovation, LTE era of change
China telecom industry information technology application development and operation of the Shanghai base of operations director Huang Xiaobin in the speech aimed at the operators to meet the challenges of BAT, to meet the needs of the car companies, in the face of continuous rising Internet business innovation, operators in the end what should be done.
1) the innovation of 4G network. The essence and the whole technical indicators of 4G network is very good for the entire vehicle networking business innovation, such as the transmission of high definition audio, dynamic navigation, car WIFI, and the end of the access capacity, bandwidth and the delay in the car has also been greatly improved.
2) life cycle management. According to the 4S shop system, China Telecom emphasize its years of deep experience and operation innovation system of one a complete set of more in line with the car factory needs a life cycle management.
3) information content. Another point of view, operators are the largest of China's largest SP and CP, there are a lot of advantages. From the point of view of China Telecom, the video base, reading base of the overall layout, music and audiobook, POI, call center and so on. Operators have their own content and flow of some bundled, according to the content billing can give users a better experience.
4) data and voice fusion. In 4G environment, voice and data services how to better achieve. Voice and data has three models, the first is completely 4G network, voice and data are carried out on the network, fully rely on the network coverage, at present mainly in the United States, this model for car prices, because the terminal is relatively simple, relatively small investment. Second models are currently China Mobile and China Unicom are doing CSFB mode, once the 4G network can not switch to the 3G network, will produce a delay, the key lies in the network optimization. The third model is currently China Telecom is pushing the SVLTE, this mode requires the terminal uses two different channels, a channel is a digital,

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