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RRU+BBU base station program into the mainstream of HSPA smooth evolution

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3G market development into another peak, in the international context, HSDPA ushered in the construction climax; in the domestic, TD-SCDMA ten city construction is in full swing. The growth of the market provides a broad space for the development of equipment enterprises, in recent years, 3G network equipment to upgrade the speed, the base station products are also new, in the economy, flexibility, efficiency and other aspects of progress. In this period "3G analysis report", we invite the WCDMA mainstream enterprises, TD-SCDMA mainstream enterprises on market development and equipment evolution.
Shanghai Bell Al Carter wireless product promotion director Shi Yong
Cedlof Hakan, senior marketing product manager, Ericsson wireless product solutions
Qian Jinhua, director of sales at SIEMENS NOKIA Communications Corporation.
WCDMA market booming
Shi Yong: so far, Shanghai Bell Al Carter has deployed more than 45 WCDMA/HSPA networks in the world. The global average of 4 operators in each of the 1 choices Shanghai Bell Al Carter to provide solutions, in the top 15 of the world's operators, there are 12 and we have maintained close cooperation.
After the merger of Shanghai Bell Al Carter, WCDMA technology is more advanced and innovative. Currently in the 3G wireless power, to occupy the first position in the world. Shanghai Bell Al Carter in the first half of 2006 in the global deployment of HSDPA network in 11 countries; in 2007, the company has won the French SFR, SBB, Nigeria Globacom, New Zealand TNZ and other WCDMA contracts, the growth rate is significantly ahead of other manufacturers.
In HSPA technology development road, Alcatel Shanghai Bell in the commercial case pull prize, HSPA commercial network size and network size ranks first in the industry, can for operators to provide high-speed data services, improve the capacity of the cell.
In early 2006, the Shanghai Bell Al Carter innovation to launch BSR Femto solutions, bring a flat wireless architecture, optimizing operators CAPEX and OPEX. At the same time, Shanghai Bell Al Carter actively committed to the study of 3GPP/LTE, with a forward-looking design, you can smooth the evolution of HSPA+ and LTE technology.
Cedlof:2006 Hakan to 2007 years is a rapid development of the WCDMA/HSPA market for one year, Ericsson is the world's commercial HSPA network to provide equipment for the world, including Italy and Whampoa , the first 3 deployment of the world's first HSUPA commercial network. At the same time, the number of WCDMA commercial network also more than 100, to further consolidate Ericsson's leadership in the global WCDMA/HSPA.
Qian Jinhua: SIEMENS NOKIA communications companies in these two markets are among the world's leading position. We have 99 WCDMA wireless network open contracts, support about 70 operators launched HSDPA network services. Through the WCDMA/HSPA network equipment provided by SIEMENS NOKIA communications, the number of users worldwide has reached one hundred million. At the same time, with the help from Nokia and Siemens two parent companies inheritance innovation, excellent quality and reliability, and a wide range of product portfolio, we not only provide telecommunications infrastructure, and for customers to provide industry-leading solutions and real end to end connection. As a global leader in mobile communication terminal equipment, NOKIA will also provide support for a variety of wireless technologies. SIEMENS NOKIA communications company is an absolute leading 3G/WCDMA supplier in Taiwan, Hongkong,, the five operators to provide 3G/WCDMA solutions, is the only one with 9 years of TD-SCDMA input of international manufacturers.
Actively upgrade to HSDPA optimization
Shi Yong: Shanghai Bell Al Carter first to achieve HSDPA and HSUPA demonstration, launched the world's first commercial software HSDPA, the world's first demonstration of 3.6Mbps HSDPA, 7.2Mbps rate. In the evolution of WCDMA to HSDPA, Shanghai Bell Al Carter only through the base station software upgrade can achieve smooth transition.
After the upgrade of the network optimization work is mainly including: provide users with the demand of KPI, and continuously improve the quality of the network, KPI indicators continue to be verified in the network and the network, and strive to the feedback of HSDPA can achieve the performance and commitment".
Cedlof Hakan: from WCDMA to HSPA upgrade market, Ericsson mainly through software (including HSDPA and HSUPA), so as to ensure the smooth evolution of the network. Due to the strong functions of HSPA in the system design, such as fast dynamic output power allocation, fast congestion control, CQI (channel quality indicator) and so on, Ericsson can improve the efficiency and cost efficiency of HSPA network. In the implementation of many commercial HSPA networks, has fully demonstrated the HSPA real quality of Ericsson's commercial network performance.
Qian Jinhua: WCDMA infrastructure with a high degree of flexibility, can be upgraded in the future. We have already considered the new function in the wireless access network architecture and system design. Users only need to perform a simple software download operation, you can use HSDPA in the wireless access network, and HSDPA and Release 99WCDMA '3GPP is backward compatible. This means that in our system, the actual application can be synchronized to the same base station and cell WCDMA and HSDPA users to provide services, without the need to add additional receiver. SIEMENS NOKIA communications company is now supply all WCDMA base stations are only through software updates can be upgraded to HSDPA.

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