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Smart Agriculture Solutions

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  • Time of issue:2021-10-25 13:38:00
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1 Smart Agriculture System

The smart agriculture system consists of multiple types of sensors, valve controllers, LoRa repeaters, IOT gateways, master cloud management software and mobile App. It remotely monitors the data relevant to crop yield such as soil temperature, pH value, air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity in greenhouses, fields and orchards through a cloud platform; By analyzing of the collected data, the system automatically controls the field equipment to adjust the environment in order to increase field production. Alarms can also be set in the system so that SMS messages will be sent to a designated receiver when a parameter is over the set threshold. The system also includes webcams that automatically detect intrusion and trans-passing, providing an unmanned monitoring service.

Smart agriculture system architecture


2 System function

1) Data monitoring and control of crop planting environment

Through various sensors, sensors, LoRa repeaters and IOT gateways distributed on the agricultural site, collect the data in the field environment and the operation status of the equipment in real time, upload them to the cloud platform in time, and adjust various controllers in real time through preset crop planting control logic calculation to continuously optimize the crop growth environment;

Administrators can set crop planting control parameters and associated control logic through computer or mobile app.

Environmental data and equipment status, such as:

Meteorological data: carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and light intensity, etc;

Soil data: soil pH value, soil water content, soil temperature, soil nitrogen and phosphorus content, etc;

Equipment status: pump water flow, pump pressure, and other equipment;

Equipment control: water pump, water fertilizer integrated machine, fan, sunshade, sprinkler and insect killing lamp, etc.

2) Video surveillance

The gateway supports the access of two cameras. The camera recording mode can be set independently, such as real-time, timing, intrusion, etc. The video can be uploaded to the cloud platform and can be viewed through computer and mobile app.

3) Event alarm

When an abnormal situation occurs, the system will automatically alarm, the camera will capture it, the mobile phone will receive SMS, remind the staff to deal with the abnormal event in time.

4) Remote control

According to the real-time data collected by the sensor, the system can remotely switch the on-site equipment and automatically realize the operations of ventilation, irrigation, lighting and so on. Users can also remotely and manually control through computer and mobile app, and the whole system can maintain normal operation even when the network is disconnected.

3 Application scenario

Smart Agriculture: Monitor and manage the growth environment parameters and growth and development characteristics of agricultural fields such as greenhouses, orchards, livestock and poultry and aquaculture, and remotely control the equipment.

4 System advantages

1) Low cost

Wireless LoRa technology is used for communication between various sensors, controllers and gateways, which greatly reduces the difficulty and cost of construction wiring; The service life of some sensor batteries is up to 5 years. High energy consumption sensors or controllers use solar power to effectively reduce the later operation and maintenance cost.

2) High reliability

IP67 waterproof aluminum alloy shell is used for outdoor equipment, which is optimized for agricultural use scenarios; It can meet the long-term stable work in the environment with high humidity, high temperature, mold, fungal growth, termite and other animal hazards.

3) Wide coverage

In the open farm and orchard environment, the communication distance can reach 6km; In the closed glass greenhouse environment, the communication distance can reach 1.2km; Cellular networking can be carried out through LoRa repeater to realize seamless capacity increase of planting area.

4) Secondary development

Support the configuration and access of sensors from different manufacturers, and the software supports the secondary development of users.







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